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With our Stromfee diary it is possible to control the CSV data of the network operator and marketer with our permanent measurement.

The following values are included:

  • The load profiles of the network operator/marketer (biogas plant, CHP feed-PV feed-in, self-consumption...)

  • Our load profiles from the measuring device on site

The comparison provides information on whether the electricity bills from the network operator and the marketer match.


  • The load profile data from the network operator/marketer is only shown at 15-minute intervals - our measurements take place in the millisecond range.

  • We uncover the losses or rounding differences and can explain them based on our measurement.

Automatic alarm function in the event of deviations in the load profiles in comparison!

The settlement differences are reimbursed retrospectively (up to 3 years are possible via the clearing house)

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STREAMFEE electricity price manager

An electricity price manager is a type of software or service that makes it possible to monitor and optimize the cost of electricity consumption in real time.

It reacts to dynamic electricity prices on the electricity exchange by deciding when electricity consumption should be increased or decreased in order to minimize electricity consumption costs.

This can be achieved by the electricity price manager controlling electricity consumption depending on the current electricity prices on the electricity exchange or by purchasing electricity at cheaper prices. Electricity price managers are usually of interest to companies or industrial companies that have a large electricity consumption and therefore also buy larger amounts of electricity.


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