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With our Stromfee diary it is possible to display the transformer losses in real time

With the help of our high-resolution network analysis recorders, we record measurement data in the millisecond range in real time in order to analyze the data situation on site.

Loss calculation and associated measurement:

  • The actual loss calculation of the transformer can be carried out in feed-in systems from an energy quantity of 2,000,000 kWh/year

  • Through our network analysis and determination of the actual loss factor of the transformer, the network operator has to adjust the factor

Calculation example/savings potential:

  • The transformer losses are calculated on the low-voltage side

  • The transformer and power losses of the network operator are between 1% and 4%

  • The actual losses of a system depend on the load profile


  • A system feeds in 4,000,000 kWh/year

  • The overall loss factor of the transformer was set by the network operator at 1.8%.

  • However, according to our determination and calculation, the actual loss factor is only 0.8%.

  • Result: The network operator must adjust the loss factor

  • At 1%, this is 40,000 kWh/year

40,000 kWh/year * 0.3 € (electricity price) = 12,000 €/year savings

Price request for the software 

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STREAMFEE electricity price manager

An electricity price manager is a type of software or service that makes it possible to monitor and optimize the cost of electricity consumption in real time.

It reacts to dynamic electricity prices on the electricity exchange by deciding when electricity consumption should be increased or decreased in order to minimize electricity consumption costs.

This can be achieved by the electricity price manager controlling electricity consumption depending on the current electricity prices on the electricity exchange or by purchasing electricity at cheaper prices. Electricity price managers are usually of interest to companies or industrial companies that have a large electricity consumption and therefore also buy larger amounts of electricity.


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