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How can the STROMFEE Strompricemanager provide the costs on electicity ?

The STROMFEE Strompricemanager is a software tool that can be used to manage the cost of electricity by providing real-time pricing information and allowing for the creation of dynamic tariffs. It can provide cost data by connecting to the ENTSO-E spot market and other wholesale electricity markets, and using this information to calculate the current cost of electricity. This can be done by gathering real-time data on the supply and demand for electricity, as well as on the cost of different power generation sources such as coal, natural gas, and renewable energy. The software can then use this information to create dynamic tariffs that reflect the current cost of electricity. This can be done by setting different prices for electricity at different times of the day, or by adjusting prices based on other factors such as weather conditions or the availability of renewable energy sources. Additionally, the software can also provide reports and analytics on energy consumption, which can be used to identify areas where energy usage can be reduced and costs can be saved. By providing real-time pricing data, dynamic tariffs, and energy consumption analysis, the STROMFEE Strompricemanager can help businesses and organizations to better manage their energy costs.

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