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Loxone will recieve the spotmarket prices from our MYSQL Database in our server

Loxone is a home automation system that allows you to control and automate various devices in your home, such as lights, heating, and appliances.

If you want to receive spot market prices from a MySQL database on your server, you would need to set up a connection between Loxone and the MySQL database. This can be done by using the Loxone API to retrieve the data from the MySQL database and then use the data to control or trigger certain actions in the Loxone system.

One way to accomplish this would be to write a script (e.g. in Python) that retrieves the spot market prices from the MySQL database and sends the data to Loxone using its API. This script could be scheduled to run at regular intervals, so that Loxone always has the most up-to-date spot market prices.

Additionally, you could use a middleware solution like Node-RED to connect the Loxone and the database and make the data available for Loxone to use it.

It's important to note that you would need to have the appropriate credentials and permissions to access the MySQL database, and that you would need to have a good understanding of the Loxone API and how to work with databases in order to set this up.

Loxone has a software modul, spotmarketmanager. This recieves the ENTSO-E data of all ENSTO-E members. What does the the spotpricemanager do for my business?

The Spot Market Manager module in Loxone is a software module that allows you to access real-time spot market prices for electricity from the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). It allows you to monitor the spot market prices of all ENTSO-E member countries in real-time, and use that data to make informed decisions about energy consumption and management in your business. With the Spot Market Manager, you could use the spot market prices data to:

  • Automatically adjust energy consumption in your business to take advantage of low-price periods

  • Schedule energy-intensive tasks or processes to run during low-price periods

  • Optimize energy storage and management systems to take advantage of price fluctuations

  • Monitor the prices of different countries to identify patterns and trends that can inform future energy purchasing decisions

By having real-time access to spot market prices, you can make more informed decisions about energy consumption and management, which can help you to reduce costs and increase efficiency in your business. It's worth noting that the ability to take actions based on the ENTSO-E data is dependent on the specific configuration of the Loxone system and the customer's setup.

AL = '10YAL-KESH-----5', 'Albania, OST BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Tirane',

AT = '10YAT-APG------L', 'Austria, APG BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Vienna',

BY = '10Y1001A1001A51S', 'Belarus BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Minsk',

BE = '10YBE----------2', 'Belgium, Elia BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Brussels',

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BG = '10YCA-BULGARIA-R', 'Bulgaria, ESO BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Sofia',

CZ_DE_SK = '10YDOM-CZ-DE-SKK', 'BZ CZ+DE+SK BZ / BZA', 'Europe/Prague',

HR = '10YHR-HEP------M', 'Croatia, HOPS BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Zagreb',

CWE = '10YDOM-REGION-1V', 'CWE Region', 'Europe/Brussels',

CY = '10YCY-1001A0003J', 'Cyprus, Cyprus TSO BZ / CA / MBA', 'Asia/Nicosia',

CZ = '10YCZ-CEPS-----N', 'Czech Republic, CEPS BZ / CA/ MBA', 'Europe/Prague',

DE_LU = '10Y1001A1001A82H', 'DE-LU BZ / MBA', 'Europe/Berlin',

DK = '10Y1001A1001A65H', 'Denmark', 'Europe/Copenhagen',

EE = '10Y1001A1001A39I', 'Estonia, Elering BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Tallinn',

FI = '10YFI-1--------U', 'Finland, Fingrid BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Helsinki',

MK = '10YMK-MEPSO----8', 'Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, MEPSO BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Skopje',

FR = '10YFR-RTE------C', 'France, RTE BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Paris',

GR = '10YGR-HTSO-----Y', 'Greece, IPTO BZ / CA/ MBA', 'Europe/Athens',

HU = '10YHU-MAVIR----U', 'Hungary, MAVIR CA / BZ / MBA', 'Europe/Budapest',

IS = 'IS', 'Iceland', 'Atlantic/Reykjavik',

IE_SEM = '10Y1001A1001A59C', 'Ireland (SEM) BZ / MBA', 'Europe/Dublin',

IE = '10YIE-1001A00010', 'Ireland, EirGrid CA', 'Europe/Dublin',

IT = '10YIT-GRTN-----B', 'Italy, IT CA / MBA', 'Europe/Rome',

IT_GR = '10Y1001A1001A66F', 'IT-GR BZ', 'Europe/Rome',

IT_MACRO_NORTH = '10Y1001A1001A84D', 'IT-MACROZONE NORTH MBA', 'Europe/Rome',

IT_SUD = '10Y1001A1001A788', 'IT-South BZ', 'Europe/Rome',

RU_KGD = '10Y1001A1001A50U', 'Kaliningrad BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Kaliningrad',

LV = '10YLV-1001A00074', 'Latvia, AST BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Riga',

LT = '10YLT-1001A0008Q', 'Lithuania, Litgrid BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Vilnius',

LU = '10YLU-CEGEDEL-NQ', 'Luxembourg, CREOS CA', 'Europe/Luxembourg',

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ME = '10YCS-CG-TSO---S', 'Montenegro, CGES BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Podgorica',

GB = '10YGB----------A', 'National Grid BZ / CA/ MBA', 'Europe/London',

UK = '10Y1001A1001A92E', 'United Kingdom', 'Europe/London',

NL = '10YNL----------L', 'Netherlands, TenneT NL BZ / CA/ MBA', 'Europe/Amsterdam',

NO = '10YNO-0--------C', 'Norway, Norway MBA, Stattnet CA', 'Europe/Oslo',

PL_CZ = '10YDOM-1001A082L', 'PL-CZ BZA / CA', 'Europe/Warsaw',

PL = '10YPL-AREA-----S', 'Poland, PSE SA BZ / BZA / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Warsaw',

PT = '10YPT-REN------W', 'Portugal, REN BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Lisbon',

MD = '10Y1001A1001A990', 'Republic of Moldova, Moldelectica BZ/CA/MBA', 'Europe/Chisinau',

RO = '10YRO-TEL------P', 'Romania, Transelectrica BZ / CA/ MBA', 'Europe/Bucharest',

RU = '10Y1001A1001A49F', 'Russia BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Moscow',

SE_1 = '10Y1001A1001A44P', 'SE1 BZ / MBA', 'Europe/Stockholm',

SE_2 = '10Y1001A1001A45N', 'SE2 BZ / MBA', 'Europe/Stockholm',

SE_3 = '10Y1001A1001A46L', 'SE3 BZ / MBA', 'Europe/Stockholm',

SE_4 = '10Y1001A1001A47J', 'SE4 BZ / MBA', 'Europe/Stockholm',

RS = '10YCS-SERBIATSOV', 'Serbia, EMS BZ / CA / MBA', 'Europe/Belgrade',

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UA = '10Y1001C--00003F', 'Ukraine, Ukraine BZ, MBA', 'Europe/Kiev',

UA_DOBTPP = '10Y1001A1001A869', 'Ukraine-DobTPP CTA', 'Europe/Kiev',

UA_BEI = '10YUA-WEPS-----0', 'Ukraine BEI CTA', 'Europe/Kiev',

UA_IPS = '10Y1001C--000182', 'Ukraine IPS CTA', 'Europe/Kiev',

XK = '10Y1001C--00100H', 'Kosovo/ XK CA / XK BZN', 'Europe/Rome'


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