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When I use the STROMFEE Spotpricemanager, can it control my battery storage to manage my electicity

The STROMFEE Spotpricemanager is a software tool that provides real-time pricing information and allows for the creation of dynamic tariffs.

While it can provide information on the cost of electricity, it does not have the capability to control battery storage systems on its own.

However, it is possible to integrate the STROMFEE Spotpricemanager with other systems, such as a battery storage system, to manage electricity costs.

By connecting the STROMFEE Spotpricemanager to a battery storage system, you can use the real-time pricing information to make informed decisions about when to charge and discharge the battery.

For example, you could charge the battery during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper and then discharge it during peak hours when electricity is more expensive.

Additionally, by integrating the STROMFEE Spotpricemanager with a smart home automation system, you could also automate the charging and discharging of the battery based on the dynamic tariffs, so that it is done automatically, without needing manual intervention.

It's important to note that the integration of the STROMFEE Spotpricemanager with a battery storage system or smart home automation system would require additional hardware and software, and may require the assistance of a professional for setup and configuration.


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