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Wich countries in South America provide flexible spor prices on the electricity markets?

South America has a variety of electricity markets and regulations, with some countries having a more developed spot market and others having a more regulated market.

Chile has a wholesale electricity market, which is organized by the National Electric Coordinator (CEN), and it has a spot market, where electricity is bought and sold for immediate delivery, as well as a forward market for contracts with longer delivery terms. However, the spot market is not as developed as the European spot market, and the prices are not as dynamic. Brazil has a spot market in which prices are determined by supply and demand, but it is a regulated market, and the prices are not as dynamic as the European spot market.

Argentina, Colombia and Peru also have electricity markets, but they are mostly regulated markets, with prices set by the government or regulated agencies.

In summary, while some South American countries have spot markets for electricity, they are not as developed as the European spot market, and prices may not be as dynamic.

It's worth noting that the regulations, market structure and market participants vary from country to country and change over time, so it's important to check the current situation in the specific country you are interested in.

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